We Need To Talk About This

China & much more with Mette Holm, Part 1

August 28, 2022 Season 1 Episode 17
We Need To Talk About This
China & much more with Mette Holm, Part 1
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Author, journalist and commentator - we are delighted to have Mette Holm join us for a two part episode.

Mette has authored some 15 books including: China – from Empire to Capitalism,  The Mekong River – Mother of Waters, 1990: Letters from the East Block, and 1989: Diary from Beijing.

Mette studied, lived, travelled & worked in China and the neighbouring countries since the early 1980's. She covered countless things Asian for several major media over the years. Her expertise spans Asian politics, culture, human rights, the UN, and more. 

In this 1st episode we dive straight into China. Can there be a more important geopolitical topic at the moment? We hear what brought Mette to China and her early experience in journalism. Then we move to the current situation. You'll hear us critique, wonder and reflect.  It was exhilarating to speak with expert Mette, who so openly shares her story and views.  

Remember you can use the chapters to jump to different topics. Mette's take on Pelosi's visit to Taiwan starts at 17:30.

For her full CV, videos, articles and photos, go to: https://metteholm.com/

P.s. In the episode Mette refers to Svalbard - and in English, this is Spitzbergen.

Mette's start in China and establishing herself as a journalist
Competitive or collaborative journalist
China, Taiwan, Pelosi, the US, EU .... and a shift to a multipolar world
What would Mette advise President Xi? And, her time with the Dalai Lama.
Trust and extreme surveillance
Political prisoners or political pawns