We Need To Talk About This

China & much more with Mette Holm, Part 2

August 28, 2022 Season 1 Episode 18
We Need To Talk About This
China & much more with Mette Holm, Part 2
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Author, journalist and commentator - we are delighted to have Mette Holm join us for a two part episode.

Mette has authored some 15 books including: China – from Empire to Capitalism,  The Mekong River – Mother of Waters, 1990: Letters from the East Block, and,  1989: Diary from Beijing.

Mette lived, studied, travelled & worked in China and the neighbouring countries since the early 1980's. She covered countless things Asian for several major media over the years. Her expertise spans Asian politics, culture, human rights, the UN, and more. 

In Part 2 of our episode with Mette Holm, we start out by diving into the impact that Putin has had on societies across the world. And then, it gets a bit more personal. Mette shares her father's story: his Thai origin, involvement in the WW2 resistance, and assimilation in Denmark.  Mette ends the episode by briefly sharing the impact of a cancer diagnosis she received in 2006. There is so much depth and wisdom to this women - and a lot of joy. We hope to have her back on WNTTAT again so we can glean even more from her.

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For Mette's full CV, videos, articles and photos, go to: https://metteholm.com/

The impact of Putin on pacifism ideology and social cohesion
Mette's Thai father and growing up bi-racial
Stories of connecting with people across the world
Mette's message to her younger self & her life-defining moments